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12 Key Talking Points for Your Next Listing Appointment

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So you’ve scheduled a big listing appointment for a luxury property you’ve had your eye on. With your marketing presentation in hand, you know that you’re going to impress your clients. But the presentation [...]

The Ultimate Listing Marketing Presentation Direct Mailer Checklist

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Using direct mailers as part of your expiring listing strategy is a great way to get your potential sellers to contact you. But if you’re sending a mailer, you can’t let yours blend in [...]

DIY Software Tools for Embedding Your Marketing Presentation

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Your website is one of—if not the—most important marketing channels you have. Why? Because it’s a channel you own with the capacity to publish all the information and content you want. As you know, [...]

Real Estate Fashion Tips for the Style Conscious Agent

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So much of real estate relies on appearances—you want to show pristine photos in your listings and keep the interiors and exteriors of your properties neat and clean during showings. And, of course, as an [...]