4 Social Media Tips For Real Estate Networking

//4 Social Media Tips For Real Estate Networking

Do you struggle when it comes to building new relationships or finding opportunities to network in front of upscale clientele? You’re not alone. Afterall, there’s only so much time in each day. The whole trick is knowing where to look and how to best invest your time. Luxury clients are busy too, but if you can become a valuable asset, join their ongoing conversations and make time to mix and mingle, you’re one step closer to getting your foot in the door. Once those initial connections are made, you can continue to nurture them via social media and grow them in to valuable relationships.

Sounds great, right? Before you dive in head first, take a look at some of our favorite social media tips for developing better relationships and getting yourself in front of the right audience.

1. Find Private Lenders and Bankers on LinkedIn

Not sure where to start your networking? Many upscale agents build relationships with future clients by networking with private lenders and bankers. LinkedIn is ideal for establishing a successful referral network.

Begin by researching and identifying top financers in the luxury real estate market within your area. Find them on LinkedIn, take note of any mutual connects and send a connection request.

2. Follow Top Charitable Groups in Your Area

Upscale clients are typically very community oriented. They partake in charity initiatives and are actively involved in discussing these efforts online.

If you don’t already have a list of the top charitable groups in your area, now is that time to create one. A simple Facebook search is a great place to start. Once you identify these groups, connect with their social channels. Take ten minutes every day to see what these group members are discussing and how you can contribute.

Rather than get lost in the shuffle, target your conversations to the top leaders of the group. These are the people you will want to formulate relationships with. Community influencers and leaders are well-connected and can become profitable business referrals.

In the upscale market, reputation is everything. Start building a relationship with these influencers in order to gain trust and prove yourself as a valuable community asset.

 3. Tag Your Current Clients

Part of networking is involving your current clients. The more important and involved you make them feel the more likely they are to do business with you again and perhaps even more importantly, they will be more likely to refer you.

Consider this idea. Next time you close a deal, ask your clients to take a photo in front of their new home to include in your sold announcement on Facebook. By doing this, you are putting yourself on your client’s timeline and therefore are getting your name out there. Your client’s friends and family will be more apt to contact you for their real estate needs if they have seen you’ve successfully worked with someone they know and trust.

4. Branch Out and Try New Tools

So far we have mainly covered Facebook, but it’s also worthwhile to tread off the beaten path to develop relationships with those in the neighborhood of your listings. NextDoor is described as free private social network for your neighborhood community and it can be a real estate agent’s best friend.

Rather than attempting to first find your audience, and then sort them by location, NextDoor allows you the insider’s view of the precise neighborhood. By establishing personal and professional relationships within NextDoor, you will become an advocate for the continued growth of the neighborhood. As these relationships continue to flourish, you’ll become the go-to real estate agent whenever neighbors buy, sell or know someone looking to do either of these things nearby.

Keep in mind that in order to be successful you need to build your page as someone who loves the neighborhood first and foremost. If you appear to be leading with a business agenda, the experience isn’t going to be nearly as organic or favorable.

Here are some tips for real estate agents from the NextDoor Blog:

When it comes to successful social media relationships, it all comes down to networking as a person first, and a real estate agent second. Relationships built on trust take time to nurture but once those emotional connections are made, they will continue to branch and grow.

Have we missed your favorite social media networking site? Tell us about it! 

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