5 Tactics To Satisfy Your Most Demanding Sellers

//5 Tactics To Satisfy Your Most Demanding Sellers

Let’s face it, high wealth clients are often more demanding. They’re going to require more of your attention, more customization and need more numbers and data based information. Often these sellers are executives and important professionals who hire and fire in the workplace—and will hire and fire you if your performance doesn’t meet their standards.

We’ve put together a list of strategies that our most successful agents utilize everyday to manage demanding high-end clientele.

Don’t be afraid to over-communicate.

Keeping your client informed on what you’re doing with their home reinforces their trust in you.

This could be as simple as returning their calls and texts immediately even if it’s just to acknowledge you know they’re trying to reach you. This puts over-anxious clients at ease.

Also, get out in front and show them everything before they ask for it. Give them web traffic reports, let them know when their listing hits the MLS and log inquiries, open houses and showing requests.

Prove your worth to your sellers.

Show your seller everything you’re working on and involve them at every step. Share your creative process for ads, brochures, videos, show them print proofs before you send them and provide feedback from showings. This lets them know you’re doing your best to sell their property.

Keep up the data drumbeat.

Beyond your own marketing reports, you should continue to keep your client apprised of local market data. This includes new listings and sold transactions in the area and other changes that may affect the sale of their home.

If you need to get a price reduction, make sure you have ample evidence.

Bring everything to the table: activity reports, the interest calls and open house traffic you’ve logged, the ads you’ve placed and anything else that can demonstrate that you’ve left no stone unturned. Otherwise the seller may think YOU are the problem, not the price.

Keep the seller’s pulse.

Be intuitive to your client’s emotions. Are they getting frustrated with the selling process? Reassure them your marketing strategies are in full swing. Remember any dates important to your client. Be open to any suggestions and feedback. Don’t take any of it personally, even if it’s negative.

No matter what the market does, practicing these strategies will help you earn your seller’s trust and drastically improve your chances of reaching a successful closing.

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