7 Promising Places To Find Affluent Clients

//7 Promising Places To Find Affluent Clients

As a luxury real estate pro, your business is only as strong as relationships you build. So where are the best places to meet and mingle with upscale home buyers, sellers, investors, and other industry pros in 2016?

Charity events

The wealthy love to get out and support charities and nonprofits at upscale dinners, luncheons and galas. This is a fantastic medium to mingle, meet others that share your values, and to connect with them in a warm way, while supporting a good cause yourself. If you’re watching your wallet, see if there are volunteer opportunities that will save you the price of a ticket.

Garden clubs

Show your green thumb! Garden clubs often attract individuals interested in home improvement and real estate, with both income and time to spare. They’ll appreciate having a real estate professional nearby that they can go to for advice.

Sports and exercise clubs

Affluent professionals today are more likely to spend their spare time keeping fit. Develop a presence at a local club or join a neighborhood adult sports league. Attending a yoga or spin class regularly will help you get to know the locals.

Historical societies

If your interests lie more in the Typically their members have deep local roots and connections—just the right sort of person to rub elbows with. Plus, you’ll learn a ton about the area and be able to polish your image as the “local expert.”

School activities

Connecting with local schools is a great way to meet homebuyers looking for a bigger home for their growing families. Sponsor or mentor youth sports teams or a school’s performing arts departments to get to know the parents.

Senior support

High-wealth communities tend to skew older demographically. You can build a bond with this audience by being available for real estate advice for seniors looking to downsize or seeking guidance on wealth management, tax and estate planning. Consider holding regular coffee or lunch meetup groups for seniors to help them with these issues.

Arts & culture gatherings

High end real estate and art goes hand in hand. Those that appreciate collectible contemporary art likely have an equally opulent apartment or estate at which to display it. Some of the most notable real estate developers have even been instrumental in establishing and supporting museums and performing arts venues.

And don’t forget to follow up

Of course, once you’ve made the initial connection it’s essential to keep up the communication with strong CRM practices, social media engagement and brand awareness advertising. Keep up the marketing drumbeat to ensure yourself a record-breaking year. Tell us, where do you go to meet new clients?

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