6 Winter Open House Ideas

Lots of sellers tend to take homes off the markets temporarily during the winter months until springtime hits–the most active time for people to buy and sell real estate. However with rising interest rates and low inventory, homebuyers are more likely to come out early in 2016 to beat the competition. Consider these open house ideasĀ for working around the winter elements.

Make hot cocoa instead of cookies

Lots of realtors love the ol’ baking cookies trick to create an inviting open house atmosphere. Your visitors appreciate yummy open house ideas. Plus, nothing is better than a warm cuppa something after trekking in snow all day.

Light up!

Turn on all of the interior and exterior lights in the home. Well lit rooms do wonders for open houses, especially during the winter months when it’s dark and gloomy outside. A bright room will be a pleasant contrast to the snow outside, making the home seem even more enticing to visitors.

Shovel the driveway and sidewalk

Homebuyers might sometimes be put off by how bleak homes look during the winter. Clear snow on all pathways as a neat front yard looks more attractive to visitors. It also makes it easier for visitors to get to the front door!

Make sure the house is nice and warm!

No agent wants a buyer with cold feet! Your open house visitors want to see how well a house can hold up against icy winters or El Nino rains. That means make sure the heating system is working and that the windows aren’t letting in drafts.

Clear the gutters

You don’t need snow or rain causing overflow or damage during an open house. Encourage your seller to clean the gutters if they haven’t already–it’s best to have homes in tip top shape while they’re on the market anyways.

Provide plastic booties for covering muddy shoes

The last thing that you need is a muddy open house! Place a bucket of plastic booties with a sign asking visitors to wear them or go barefoot.

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