7 Highly Visible Realtor Sponsorship Opportunities

//7 Highly Visible Realtor Sponsorship Opportunities

Part of becoming a successful luxury realtor is being ingrained in your market. After all, people feel more comfortable about doing business with those they feel like they know—and with those they feel contribute positively to the community.

One way to become a community staple is to take as many sponsorship opportunities you can afford. Doing so puts your real estate brand, image, and messaging all over your chosen market while showing your dedication to local causes.

So, to help you bring more exposure to your luxury real estate practice, we’ve come up with a list of 7 sponsorship opportunities you can contribute to in your target market.

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7 Highly Visible Realtor Sponsorship Opportunities

1. Sponsor a Local Youth League

Youth Sports Sponsorship Opportunities For Realtors Photo

When you sponsor a youth sports league, you’re not only making the children happy, but you’re also making the parents happy. And at every game dozens of parents will see your logo on either a sign near the playing field or the jerseys of the players, which will keep you on the top of the minds of the adults in the crowd.

2. Buy Ad Space in Programs for Local Events

Often, local concerts or theater productions need to sell ad space in their programs to generate enough revenue to put on the performance. This is a perfect opportunity to sponsor the performance while putting an advertisement for your luxury real estate practice in front of hundreds of eyes, since most people read through the program before the performance begins. Just remember to target performances where you think your most qualified leads will be attending.

3. Make Contributions to Charities

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Research your local charities to find one that fits your beliefs. Some charitable organizations to look for include ones that provide food and clothing for the homeless, after school care programs for kids, animal welfare causes, etc. And after you make your contribution, request for a bit of publicity in exchange. A small excerpt in a newspaper article or a blog post, or even recognition on social media, will help in increasing your brand’s exposure.

4. Sponsor a Local BBQ or Picnic

Communities love to throw get togethers so the neighbors can get out and learn more about each other. Seek out when and where these events are held and reach out to the planners about sponsoring them. Some of these events will draw massive numbers, like a 4th of July fireworks display, but others may be catered more to your target audience. In return, ask if you can display signage, have your name read by the event host, or be able to set up a booth promoting your practice.

5. Donate to a School Scholarship

Scholarship Sponsorship Opportunities For Realtors Photo

Education is expensive—and students are always looking for ways to lessen the financial burden on themselves and their parents. By sponsoring a school scholarship, you’re doing just that: making college or private school more affordable. It’ll also make your real estate practice’s name synonymous with something students strive for, which only increases the prestige of your brand.

6. Fund Travel to an Educational Competition

Travel costs can run high when schools have to transport a dozen or more students across the country for an educational competition. Often, the students’ abilities to participate in these competitions are dictated by whether or not the school has the budget to send them. By funding travel to these events, you ensure that the students are able to compete. You also create positive buzz around your brand that parents will take notice of.

7. Assist in Funding Local Radio Programs

Radio Program Sponsorship Opportunities For Realtors

Local radio programs have the ear of the community. Whether they’re talking about sports, traffic, or the weather forecast, people tune in to hear what’s happening, especially during their drive time commutes. To get your luxury real estate practice’s name in the ears of the community, consider funding your favorite local radio program. Your audience will not only hear your name repeated throughout the broadcast, but they’ll also associate your brand with their favorite program.

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