Adopt These 2016 Real Estate Marketing Trends

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To stay relevant this coming year in the competitive luxury real estate industry, agents must adopt the latest marketing trends and technologies. As you might have expected, the majority of marketing is done online.

Here are some of the biggest marketing trends to expect in 2016 as predicted by Mandy at Mod Girl Marketing:

You MUST have a mobile friendly website

Buyers and sellers are accessing real estate marketing content more and more on mobile devices instead of desktops. Update your website to be mobile responsive and you’ll be receiving a lot more interest calls!

SEO compatibility doesn’t work with redundant copy

Some agents like to rewrite the same page of copy a few different ways, swapping words here and there for different towns for SEO purposes. Google now has put a new algorithm in place to penalize these “doorway” pages. The search engine giant stated that they believe these pages don’t add anything of value to users searches.

Sure Google is great but many luxury buyers also use Yahoo and Bing

Google may be most people’s search engine of choice but there are a lot of real estate consumers that use alternative search engine websites. Consider indexing in Yahoo and Bing so more potential buyers and clients can find you.

Live streaming business meetings with buyers is now the norm

Programs like FaceTime, Periscope and Skype help agents conduct virtual business meetings or virtual property showings with clients. These tools are especially helpful for dealing with a relocation market or foreign buyers.

Agents use Linkedin’s new tools for marketing their luxury real estate knowledge

Clients often check out agents’ Linkedin profiles to evaluate their backgrounds. Linkedin’s new blogging feature allows you to share your expertise in your industry. When your clients see your blog posts in addition to a polished profile, they’ll view you as a trustworthy real estate professional.

Real estate professionals use paid social media campaigns to stand out

With all the digital content out there it’s hard to stand out. Consider paying for more social media exposure. Facebook and now Twitter is offering paid social media campaigns that guarantee more page views. Use the Promote or Boost Post options on Twitter and Facebook by creating tweet or post, selecting your target audience and budget.

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