Sharing Your Marketing Campaign Drip Feed With Your Sellers

//Sharing Your Marketing Campaign Drip Feed With Your Sellers

The first big challenge is over—you’ve invested your time and energy into securing a luxury real estate listing and your sellers are excited about what you have to offer. But winning their trust is one thing; keeping it is another.

That’s why it’s important for you to continuously showcase your value as an agent. You want to show your sellers that you’re thinking about their listing even when there’s no news to report. But how do you keep showing your value after the listing presentation is over?

The best way to show sustained value and commitment to your sellers is to continuously share new materials, information and assets over time—rather than all at once, at the beginning of the listing.  

In this article we’ll suggest ways you can share these things from your marketing campaign with your sellers in a timeline that will satisfy even the most demanding sellers.

Why You Should Share Your Real Estate Marketing Campaign Materials in a “Drip” Instead of All at Once

“Drip” is a marketing term for when you give your audience parts of your campaign piece by piece rather than all at once. It’s an effective tactic, especially in email marketing, with the most successful drip campaigns seeings sales increases of 80% at 33% lower costs.

But what makes this tactic so useful even when you’ve already landed a lead?


When you drip feed information to your sellers, you’re keeping them engaged with the selling process. As the emails and phone calls come in, you’re giving them a reason to interact with you that’s not putting you on the defensive. They see you as taking a proactive approach to marketing their listing, which displays your true value as an agent.

If you expose your marketing arsenal too early in the game, in the later weeks they may grow dissatisfied with your lack of action. Or worse, they may think you’re doing nothing to get their listing closed.

By sharing your materials over a period of time, you’re giving space for each part of your marketing plan to shine. You’re driving home how much more your sellers are getting from listing with you over other agents. And you’re making sure your sellers know just how important each marketing item is.

What You Should Share With Your Sellers

Now that you know why it’s important to share each marketing item with your sellers over time, you may be asking yourself, “but what should I share?”

We’ve compiled a list of what’s included in a LUXVT Marketing Campaign to give you an idea of what you can share. We’ve also added a talking point to give about each one, and a proposed timeline for just when you should share each item with your seller.

Though this has been written with the LUXVT Marketing Campaign in mind, you can adapt it for any marketing campaign you use.

Real Estate Marketing Share List & Timeline

  1. Tour Links & Videos

Talking Point: To fully showcase how beautiful your listing is, I’ve created an online tour for potential buyers to view. I’ve also created a Google Earth flyover video so viewers can really see how special the neighborhood is.

When you should share: 1 week from signing the listing.

  1. Media Kit

Talking Point: This listing is going to draw a lot of attention from luxury buyers, so, as you can see in this media kit, I’m advertising it in high-profile publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the Robb Report.

When you should share: 2 weeks from signing the listing.

  1. International Ads Report

Talking Point: This listing definitely has international appeal so I’ve taken the time to put up international ads in globally respected publications.

When you should share: 1 month from signing the listing.

  1. eBrochure

Talking Point: EBrochures are a great interactive tool for interested parties to find all the information they need about your listing right at their fingertips. And the beautiful design makes sure your listing stays at the top of their minds when they’re thinking about which one to purchase.

When you should share: 45 days from signing the listing.

Now, this strategy won’t work with all sellers. Some may demand you show them all your marketing items upfront. In these instances, just remember to find other ways to let them know you’re working on their listing throughout the process.

Beyond your LUXVT Campaign

Of course, there are many additional marketing components you can use for marketing your listing. Components like professional photography, open house visits, direct mail campaigns, newspaper & magazine advertising, and signage are all proven tactics to help you sell.

At LUXVT, we can also help assist you in implementing these components in your marketing strategy. Our expert luxury real estate marketing consultants are available to answer all your questions and help guide your campaign.

If you’re interested, consult with a LUXVT Marketing Specialist today.

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