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Get The Most Mileage Out Of Your LUXVT Tour Links

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Now that you’ve had the chance to look over your LUXVT Tour Links, it’s time to maximize the mileage you’re getting from them. If you’re not sure how, don’t worry—we’ve compiled a checklist of different ways in which agents use their links so that you can put together a plan of action best tailored [...]

12 Key Talking Points for Your Next Listing Appointment

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Our luxury real estate experts share their go-to talking points when going through the LUXVT Marketing Presentation with potential sellers

7 Ways to Sign More Listings With Your LUXVT Marketing Presentation

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Expert tips for expanding the reach of your presentation. And, best of all, each tip is simple and something you can do right now.

Guest Post: How to Stand Out As a Luxury Real Estate Agent

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Today’s guest post comes from top Real Estate Coach Tom Ferry. The market is crowded with so many agents vying for a slice of the business! When you look at the luxury market, as I’m sure you’re well aware, it can get even more competitive. So how do you master the market without becoming overwhelmed [...]

The Perfect Expired Listing Letter

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Need help with an Expired Listing letter that’s tailored for upmarket and luxury homes?  We’ve created a template that gives sellers some great reasons to choose YOU over the competition.

4 Social Media Tips For Real Estate Networking

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Do you struggle when it comes to building new relationships or finding opportunities to network in front of upscale clientele? You're not alone. Afterall, there's only so much time in each day. The whole trick is knowing where to look and how to best invest your time. Luxury clients are busy too, but if you [...]

Prelisting: Why You Should and How You Can!

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When it comes to getting traffic to your listings, why wait until they hit the MLS? Agents refer to these pre-open market opportunities as variety of things, pre-MLS marketing or pocket listings most commonly, but if you aren't actively using your resources to promote these properties right out of the gate, we call them one thing [...]

6 Ways to Outperform the Competition

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In the world of real estate, there's no skating through the daily 9 to 5. Nine to 5, you say, what's that all about? Agent hours are unlike many other professions and that paycheck isn't a predictable guaranteed monthly amount, but isn't that half the reason we do it? The adrenaline, the uncertainty, the excitement? Life [...]

5 Ways to Build Instant Trust With Your Seller

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Okay, let’s first address the elephant in the room. Like it or not, many clients are initially mistrusting of real estate agents. Is it fair? No. Is it something you can change? Certainly! With a little effort on your part you can solidify client relationships that will continue to flourish with each property successfully sold. [...]

7 Promising Places To Find Affluent Clients

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As a luxury real estate pro, your business is only as strong as relationships you build. So where are the best places to meet and mingle with upscale home buyers, sellers, investors, and other industry pros in 2016? Charity events The wealthy love to get out and support charities and nonprofits at upscale dinners, luncheons [...]