Winning Facebook Ad Ideas for Savvy Luxury Agents

//Winning Facebook Ad Ideas for Savvy Luxury Agents

Facebook advertising is an inexpensive, effective way to reach a highly targeted audience, so it’s no surprise that agents are starting to incorporate it into their marketing. But for agents working in upscale communities, courting high-wealth buyers and sellers, the stakes are high, and room for error is narrow. Keep reading to learn how you can use Facebook ads to attract and convert new listings.

How Facebook Ads Are Served

Ads are delivered through the Facebook audience network. This tool shows ads to targeted leads, both on Facebook and across thousands of popular apps and sites (Instagram, Spotify, WhatsApp, and more). As an advertiser, you can use the audience network’s targeting tools to define your ideal lead by location, interests, age, wealth, homeowner status, lifestyle, and more.

Defined targeting and broad reach make Facebook ads a powerful tool for agents looking to increase traffic, maximize exposure, and generate new leads. But there are special considerations for luxury real estate agents.

Solving Facebook Ad Challenges Luxury Agents Face

The cost to reach the affluent audience is often higher due to increased competition, and generic lead generation formats typically don’t perform well. That’s why using a clear, compelling value proposition – i.e., “WHY should I click your ad?” – can have a make-or-break impact on whether your ads succeed. Keep reading to learn creative, savvy tactics that will help you effectively attract, engage, and convert luxury homeowners and meet your Facebook ad goals.

Ads That Help You Brand Your Business

  • GOAL: Luxury Branding & Name Recognition
    Staying top-of-mind in your territory is critical, and Facebook is a perfect tool for immersive, persistent brand building – but it has to be done just right.

  • WINNING TACTIC: Luxury Value Proposition Series
    Use a series of five or six single-topic messages, each providing a clear value proposition, that differentiate your service from your competition. Over time, your target audience will see these ads repeatedly and will begin to mentally associate these value statements with your brand. Work with LUXVT, and you can promote things like luxury-specific marketing, global exposure, professional photography and video, and comprehensive digital marketing.

  • BEST CREATIVE: Square Video Series With Well-Thought Out Landing Page
    A series of brief, elegant 15-second video spots are the ideal format for this campaign, designed with a luxury aesthetic but with simple, direct message delivery. Square video is the best way to ensure that your ad takes up as much of your viewer’s screen as possible, especially on mobile devices. To convert leads, link your videos to a simple, elegant landing page that does two key things; defines your service and includes a strong call to action connected to a lead capture form.

Ads That Help You Land More Listings

  • GOAL: Capture Luxury Seller Leads
    The more expensive the listing, the harder and more costly it is to capture the lead. But there are ways to minimize spend and maximize results! 

  • WINNING TACTIC: Just Sold Message
    “I just sold your neighbor’s house for $1.6 Million – what’s YOUR home worth now?” This statement cuts through the wasteland of endless, anonymous home valuation offers and makes it personal. It also does double duty for brand building, by reinforcing your reputation for getting the job done.

  • BEST CREATIVE: Single Image with Form or Landing Page 
    A simple image ad is all that’s needed here, overlaid with the above statement and picture of the sold property. If your design skills are limited, use Facebook’s built-in lead capture form. But if you have a marketer or if you’re landing page savvy, build a landing page with a multi-step form that will draw sellers into your marketing funnel.

Ads That Help You Bring in More Buyers

  • GOAL: Attract Buyer Leads
    As one of the most common real estate ad types, these are prone to bland delivery and lackluster results if you don’t add some sizzle.

  • WINNING TACTIC: Pre-list Preview
    Creating an ad that features a coming soon sneak preview of a listing that hasn’t hit the MLS yet benefits you in two major ways. First, it allows you to collect a bounty of red-hot buyer leads and second, it helps you build a nice buzz around the property.

  • BEST CREATIVE: Single Image with Lead Form
    Again, a single image is all you need. That makes the timing of this campaign perfect because you can run it while you schedule your photography. When you set up your ad, don’t list the price! Use Facebook’s built-in lead capture form to make buyers ask for it.

pre-listing landing page

Ads That Help You Grow Your Audience

  • GOAL: Increase Subscribers & Followers
    Top agents know that consistently delivering helpful, quality content to leads by way of a newsletter can help them stay top of mind. But building a meaningful base of opt-in subscribers can be expensive. Here’s an easy way to do it…

  • WINNING TACTIC: Guess The Price Contest
    Invite users to take their best shot at guessing the final sale price of your listing and offer a prize for the winning guess.This is a fun, buzzworthy and effective way to grow your list. As a bonus, you can present local responses to your seller as social proof if you need to make a price adjustment!

  • BEST CREATIVE: Single Image with Lead Form
    Again, a single image is all you need, along with some post text and a simple lead form. To increase entries, just ask for the price guess, first name, and email address. That’ll give you enough email to add leads to your list and send them personalized content.

Use these winning Facebook ad tactics to attract, engage, and convert luxury homeowners. Or, if your busy schedule leads you to prefer a more hands-off approach, you can leave the ad management to us!

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